Sunday, August 07, 2011

Argument of the Day

The Sun is a Star.

So does it follow that any star is a sun?

I am so glad we're home now and can banish the boys to three separate floors for a while.  Because even once you find the answer online they can argue the finer points and semantics for a Very. Long. Time.

Mmmmmm one more frosty mug.

The Iron Mountain A&W is the best!



Impera Magna said...

Been there, done that... my son still likes to argue with me for the fun of it... he's 37yo! *lol*

Deb said...

I have 3 sons's the 2 youngest who are like to argue! And yes, as you said, EVEN when you think the internet has settled the of them has to bring up some fine point!! The "discussion" of the star/sun, sounds EXACTLY what I hear everyday!! LOL!!

Deb from