Friday, February 24, 2012

Almost Done!

Just about done!

I almost had this ready to post yesterday, but my Freshman came home from school and asked if we could go to Macy's for some nice clothes.

The kid lives in track pants or jeans and sweatshirts. And, a blizzard is supposed to be coming in a couple hours.

He says he needs it for Saturday. For a dance.

The Winter Formal (that's what they call Turn-about these days)?! In two Days?!

Yep. I need a suit, Mom.

Well, at least he didn't wait until Friday afternoon to mention this!
And Men's Wearhouse rocks.

Here's my best discovery while making the 18 portfolios. I used my sewing machine's little screw driver to push out the turned corners. The square, but blunt tip did a wonderful job of pushing them out without poking through the stitches or fabric.

I took a bunch of pictures and am getting ready to deliver everything to the school. 

Turn-about and/or portfolio pictures to come after this weekend.



Dee said...

Ooohhh...can't wait for the final reveal! I love the fabrics and colors you've chosen.

Oh, and my oldest did that to me twice...with clothing and flowers for the girl he was taking. LOL

Thankfully, he's an easy size to find on the sales racks...jackets, belts, shirts, ties, pants and shoes can be just as pricey for guys as they are for girls! lol

Leslie said...

i love when something around the house unexpectedly becomes the best sewing tool

quirky granola girl said...

that screwdriver idea is genius. i'm wondering why you are making portfolios for class. for fun?