Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Denver Area Help...

Do any of you live in the Denver area - or have you visited and have a place you love?

I'll be there this weekend for a lacrosse tournament, that I must admit I want a t-shirt for myself. Love this graphic!

Anyway, they finish up by 3:00 Sunday afternoon, and we don't fly back until 8:30 Monday night. So I have a day or so to drive around and see some stuff.

Hopefully I CAN see stuff, and not just the horrible wildfire smoke.

Any suggestions on something to see within an hour's drive?

(This new line from Timeless Treasures is awesome! Had to share the fabric fun.)


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Oooh, fun! My brother and sister live out there, and I've visited a few times. Um, Elitch Gardens is an amusement park that's practically downtown and a lot of fun for the family...the Denver Zoo is super awesome...there's awesome shopping in the Cherry Creek area...and they have lots of really good breweries. That's about the extent of my memory - but if you need more specific ideas, I could definitely give my sibs a call, let me know :) Have a great trip!

Threads by Terry said...

You should visit Red Rocks Amp theatre. It is set in red rocks and great concerts are held there. It is wond3rful.You would also like the little town of Morrison.. We lived there for 25 yrs