Monday, June 04, 2012

Pairs on Chairs

A couple people asked - the pattern I'm using for the diamond quilt is this one by Fig Tree Quilts.

Fig Tree Pattern

I have several of her patterns, and you can count on all kinds of great construction tips throughout the whole process.

One thing she didn't suggest, that I would highly recommend, is the 60 degree ruler.  I happened to have one already, and it has made things much easier to cut the center diamonds and then to keep each color round perfect.


Here's a portion of the fabric pairs I had covering several chairs in my sewing area.  I'm making the diamonds with white on the outside first, and I need 21 of them.

I spent one long evening shifting pairs of strips and diamonds around - standing back to look at them - shifting some more - until I had settled on 24 pairs.  I'm not 100% sure about a few and I have enough fabric to make extras to decide on at the final layout.

I took several photos of the pairs on chairs before going to bed, just in case they were tossed about by a kid!  They're now held safely, as they await their turn for sewing, by a serving tray - with strict instructions that nobody is to touch it!


randi said...

I think this is going to become a lovely quilt. Looking forward to seeing progress! :)

Rene' said...

Great fabrics for this quilt. I have this pattern. You have inspired me to pull it out. Need to see if I have that ruler though....