Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Sewing Bears : An Adventure Begins!

Mara and I are getting ready to start a new adventure - and after this crazy year, that sounds like an awesome idea.

It's also the perfect time to get the blog running full steam again.  The instant and constant conversations on social media are fun, but I miss the deeper stories and project details of a full blog post. 

....and our new adventure will certainly need longer details!

After more than a year of wishing and talking about it, a special present is waiting to be opened.  

I wish it was an upgrade for me - but not yet.  Last year the sewing bug bit Mara and she has been asking for her own machine ever since.  

She took my tiny scraps and decided to make rings.  

Then set up a shop.  Ha!  It was named The Sewing Bears. 

I have also been submersed in a full Charlotte Mason school year for Mara.  She would be in 2nd grade, so it's a most excellent time to give this a shot.  Handicrafts are an important part of the Charlotte Mason philosophy, and learning to machine sew will fit in perfectly!  

I can't wait to share our lessons and creations.

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