Friday, May 15, 2020

FQ friendly Mask and Pouch Tutorial

A fat quarter is perfect for two pleated masks and a pouch - tutorial for that in my last post.

I pulled four FQs, and ended up with super cute mixed sets for teacher gifts.

(Half way through I decided to make one of the pleated masks into my normal style - to give the teachers one of each type.  I needed a different fabric for the lining when I made those.)

I thought Mr. Andrews would prefer a more masculine mask.... a straight quarter yard is also perfect!

One cut 8" wide and the full width of the fabric can yield two mask cuts and a piece for the pouch.  I mixed a couple making his 4th of July set.

But back to the FQs.

To make a mask I use 8"x15" pieces (or 8x14 if that fits better).  One pouch needs 4.5"x12"

Decide which way you want the print to sit on the finished mask.  The short side runs across your face.

Then you can cut your FQ  like this...

Or this....

There are a million tutorials for the pleated masks, but I thought I would share what I've found is easiest for me when inserting the elastic.

Press the piece in half - right sides together.

Mark the top edge about 3/4" from corner.  Sometimes I tack my elastic at this point, on this outside end - other times I don't.

I use 1/8" wide elastic - 6.75" long.  This seems to work for both men and women for a quick trip into a store.

Take the whole thing to your machine.  Lay the elastic at the fold, lined up with the raw edge.  

Close the fold and start stitching here, using a 1/2" seam allowance.  

The most annoying part of the elastic is that it tries to scoot away when you stitch over it.  Starting at the fold - with the elastic against the fold, eliminates the scooting on this end.

Once you get to the other end and around the corner, I stop.  Leave a gap for turning, then start back at the fold for the other side.  

Pleat and finish.....I haven't figured out any other process optimizing bits on the last steps yet.  

But the FQs do make for super cute sets!

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