Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Fiber, The Fiber!

You will notice, as I continue to add my past completed knitting projects that I thought to photograph, that most are for either myself of Becket. There are two big reasons for that: I know I will appreciate whatever I made for myself ("You spent how much and how long on a sock?!") and second, Becket is too small to complain about the fiber.

After I had been knitting for a little while and felt confident in my skills, I decided to make a Dale of Norway sweater for Caleb. They are so beautiful and a fun challenge to knit. Besides, I want a cool ski team sweater for myself and thought it good to practice on a small scale first. (I started one for Mark once - but that's another story) So, I knit and chart follow and knit until I finally have all the pieces done. Then comes the scary part - I had to CUT my knitting. It's called a steek, and you machine sew a groove, then CUT in that groove to insert the sleeves. I put it off for quite a while as I researched this cutting online. I finally got brave and did it. I spent a lot of time looking like that as I sewed the arms into the gaping CUT holes.

At last it was done, and was a thing of beauty.

But Caleb won't wear it! He had it on for about 2 minutes as I tried to take a good picture of him wearing the sweater and he started pulling on the neck and yelling - The Fiber, The Fiber!

As you can see here, Becket doesn't seem to mind the fiber in the Dale of Norway sweater I made for him. He will be in all kinds of knit things from the start. I am determined to have at least one child that will wear the wonderful woollies I produce. Not to mention it is quick and fun to make these little baby things!


erica said...

What an adorable little sweater and hat for an adorable little baby. I'm so sorry that your son doesn't like his sweater. What an heirloom.

Welcome to the Midwest Knitters blog ring.

froggiemeanie said...

Those are absolutely beautiful knits. I want to make a Dale someday (the steeking scares me) but I think it'll probably be for me. I think seeing the kids get food on one would kill me and DH is always warm so getting him into wool is a no go.