Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Special Occasions

Yummy 1st Birthday cake!

I finished Trellis (on the car ride there) in time for my nephew's 1st birthday. I failed to get a close-up picture though. Becket is leaning in to try out some of Patrick's new blocks while he's not looking.
Monday was the first day of school. Moms all looking happy, Becket excited to be part of the big parade of kids, Kenton making grumpy faces, and Caleb staying several steps away - it is so uncool to walk with your Mom when you're in 4th grade. I spent the afternoon installing baby gates. Without the big kids home to help run interference I was worried Becket would get to the stairs too easily. He's fast and determined and squeals with delight as he speeds up to get away for his adventures.


froggiemeanie said...

Trellis looks awesome. I have to go look at that pattern again.

Hope your kids had a good 1st day of school and your gate installation went well.

Anonymous said...

OK Ang, this blog SUCKS!! You haven't posted since August. I keep lookin'--and nothing. Come on! Yer not pregnant again, are you?


Angela Yosten said...

Hi Angela...

I hope this comment gets to you. You are the winner of my Give-Away Day. Please contact me with your email and information so that I can send you your package.