Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I made a few hexagons this past weekend - it was super busy at that tournament! I'm already hooked.

I've been testing out methods and materials, I'll have to post on that later this week. Today I'm finally starting my April bee blocks - eek! And I hate being late for anything.

But I did start one other little project today. Sun Tea. Yumm!


Audrie said...

Ooooh what are you going to do with all those pretty hexes??

And don't worry about the blocks hehe Take your time! :)

And umm, this might sound stupid but sun tea? What dat?

Dresden Quilter said...

The hexagons look great. I too, would love to know what sun tea is.

Leslie said...

oh fun, i have not done sun tea for years!!! i love your stack of hexes

amy smart said...

I love your hexagons! They are so bright and cheery! As the weather gets better I just know that's going to be my project this summer. I'm very excited to hear your findings on paper vs. freezer paper vs. card stock.

Also I had to laugh- I almost bought those same boxers at Target, just for the fabric! Now that they're on clearance, I might have to go back. :)

Stephanie said...

Yay hexes :)

I haven't had sun tea since I was younger, my mom use to make it every summer.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Hexagons Ang.

Aunt Spicy said...

love how cirtusy-sunny-cheery the hexes are!