Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reason #42

....that hexagons are great

When your child is in band, jazz lab, chorus, and volunteers to play with the strings for the symphonic orchestra

- and all of these things have separate concert schedules for the end of year -

and you have to be there a half hour early to have a seat for the show

You can work on your hexagons
and baffle other parents with your craft AND the photos of said craft while you wait!

{make sure you've entered for a chance at your own little hexagon kit}


Leslie said...

i have had them in my purse to work on wherever i am and you do get either wondering glances or curious stares

Alyson said...

Love it!!!

Simply EC said...

All your posts on hexies are making me itch to start some!

Stephanie said...

You're really making me want to start making some hexes!

Audrie said...

Haha I'm going to have to keep this in mind for when I have kids! Let's hope they don't take up outdoor sports or I'll be the mother in the tent...