Sunday, July 25, 2010

Use my stash year : {I made it!} week 30

We made it! And all 56 boys are officially checked in and allowed to stay. My paperwork job was a success! All the tents are set up and card games have begun.

They had their first meal, complete with roaming councilor hand-motion sing-alongs.

Caleb can't wait for me to leave.

( In a stash note I cute and sewed a bunch of pillow cases. One very important one for Kenton to use for his first week of boy scout camp. I'll have to share them when I get back. But I used over 11 yards of stash this week!)


Dee said...

11 yrds? Holey mackeral that's a lot!

My volunteering, enterprising, energetic hat is off to you for all those boys!

Isn't God good!

Anonymous said...


Leslie said...

glad you made it. that is a lot of stash use this week.