Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bee Horror : part II

For this horror, you find yourself waving your hand in the air - me! me! I want to join - and then realize you have no idea how to do what you volunteered for.
I never made a block with a curved seam.  

But I LOVE to learn new stuff, and how hard could it be?!

I was given a block design.  I had to make the correctly sized pattern pieces.  This involved lots of sharp tools.  

I did not stab myself with the compass.  

I did nearly bleed on my block as I took a huge rotary slice into my thumb while cutting out all the pieces.  Good thing I have lots of butterfly bandages because there is NO TIME for an ER visit.

This story ends happily with a seam-matching, square, correctly sized block - on my first try!  It looks a tad rumply from pressing in some guides for pinning, but it's flat and pucker-free.  I made a second and it worked as well.


I am beyond excited that I did it.  I took pictures as I went along and will share them one I get them cropped.   One more reason why bees and swaps are great.  They can really push you to expand your skills.

I've done some of this, too.   Finally, a happy swap block,  for the potholder pass swap. 

I really enjoy just cutting fabric up, then sewing it together as I go along.  No seam-matching, curved edge pressure here!


Stephanie said...

I'm sitting here cringing at the thought of your rotary blade cut. I've only gotten small tinsy weensy cuts so far, but boy do they hurt. That block sure did look tricky, glad you figured it out :)

Terriaw said...

your circle block turned out perfectly! I am super impressed. I would have been frightened of this one too. But I love hearing that you did it - Good for you! BTW, that compass set looks quite nice. (might need to get one of those for my drawing class)

Angie @ CraftedAngles said...

Ekk!! I hope that you thumb is okay. This block looks very complex and you did a great job with it. I would never have guessed that you haven't sewn curves before (sorry for the double negative!). Which Bee are you participating?

Angie - www.craftedAngles.com

Dee said...

I joined two bees this year to have myself pushed out of my comfort zone and into a place where I had to learn to make someone else's block. It was so worth it!

On butterflies and boo boos-we don't live 5 minutes from a hospital for nothing! LOL

Your blocks are wonderful and I'm eagerly looking forward to the tutorial!

Leslie said...

ouch!!! that rotary cutter is dangerous. these kids of blocks are why i don't join in bee's...this turned out amazing though. i love the read and white together.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I hope your thumb is doing better. The curved block is fabulous! Congrats on a job well-done.

Doris said...

Looks great, Angela...maybe you need to take a break from sewing for a day, seems a little dangerous for your lately...?

Dresden Quilter said...

It looks fabulous! Everything you do is great.

Sarah Craig said...

It's a beautiful block, but I'm mostly impressed that you didn't bleed on it!!

em's scrapbag said...

Love your curved piecing block. Truly stunning!

Vicki said...

looks great, and like you did it the "right" way (in my opinion). Curves that match and have seam allowances added to them?

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Whew! That was a close one! Glad to hear that you didn't do any major damage to yourself (or the block) :0)

The block is gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing,