Monday, October 04, 2010

Use my stash year : catch up edition

I've been doing quite well with using my stash.  I have had an online cart filled at least three of four times.  But I wait a bit and then look over at my cabinet, and decide I don't NEED the new fabrics.  Even though I really WANT them!

I've moved from using up some purple to the colors I like best.  My greens and blues.  I cut a bunch for a scrappy boarder on a baby quilt I'm doing.

Since week 30, when I last reported, I added only 4.75 yards - solids I was really needing.  Really.  

I've used nearly 11 yards.

Busted (wk 31-40): 10.822
Purchased: 4.75
Net YTD: (13.025)  I'm getting closer to zero!

This helps, too - I have defective shingles on my roof and am having to do a full replacement today.  UGH.  That crane (run by the dude on the left with a remote control- cool!)  was unfortunately delivering shingles early Saturday morning.  Not fabric.


Leslie said...

oh what a dream a whole pallet of fabric would be...instead of shingles!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Oh no, we need to get our looked at for the same reason. Certainteed shingles are made here and there was a bad batch when our house was built. Way to go on using your stash!

Stephanie said...

Yes a pallet of fabric would be the coolest thing to find outside your door! Good job on using your stash!

erica said...

congrats on using your stash! What a bummer about your roof, at least it will be done right! right?

Nichole said...

good work on using up your stash! it sounds like it has been working out pretty well! :)