Friday, July 22, 2011

I will not buy, I will not buy, I will not buy......

I have to keep saying that to myself.

There is crazy temptation every day.  I was lucky to get a spot in....

Rainbow Swap
I'm going to send of two yards worth of green - 56 charms each of two colors.  And get back 112 in a rainbow selection.  We're all assigned a color, which is an awesome plan.  So that way the colors will be nice and balanced.

The trouble comes in watching the flickr group as more charms are added. 

rainbow warm

I seriously need a yard of each of these!  It is very hard to keep from pushing little buttons each night.

rainbow cool

So I'm thinking of either a Lynn-Bob-Square-Pants quilt like Kati's.  Or maybe a set of placemats like Lee's.  I love making bowtie blocks....and not so much HSTs.

Any Suggestions for a rainbow pile of 112 charms?
(I think I've posted every day this week....can you tell we're inside, hiding from the heat!)



Impera Magna said...

The only down side of Blog-land is seeing/wanted all the gorgeous fabrics I see... takes a lot of will power not to track a fabric or fabric line down via a web search and buy, buy, buy!

Kati said...

My Lynne-Bob quilt is one of my favorites I've made. It's such a great block and the perfect use for charms. Go for it! I'm so jealous you got in to that swap, by the way.

leigh said...

I know what you mean! I had to stop reading true up a while ago because I wanted everything! I told myself the other day that I had to finish 5 quilts before buying anything else. I've also been trying to give quilts away. Why do I have to have all this fabric?

Want to make a pact with me? If one of us messes up we make the other one something.

Jen B said...

I'm having the exact same problem with this swap...except I still need to order my fabric! Sooooo dangerous!

amy smart said...

I'm making a HST quilt with rainbow-brights and white. I love it. :) I started it last year and it's still not done though. :(

amy smart said...

PS Good for you and Leigh. I think I need to join that pact!