Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pulling out my Tops

I have a surprising number of quilt tops waiting for their turn to be quilted.  Seriously, I wouldn't have thought I had as many as I do.  I grabbed a few of the smaller sized quilts and they cheered to be let out of their storage box.


I'm going to be riding along for many hours to the final lacrosse tournament of the season near the Michigan U.P.  (and then I'll continue through and down Wisconsin the following weekend) I should have some hand binding to take along with me!


holly | bijou lovely said...

Where is your lacrosse tournament? You won't be too far from me :) Have fun binding all those quilts!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I am looking forward to seeing all your Finished quilts! Enjoy your travels and don't for get to snap a few pictures along the way.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in the UP if you get there. There are some really nice places to hike.