Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keurig Iced Tea and Iced Coffee

Desert Diva left a comment about the Iced Coffee with my Keurig and I couldn't reply to her.  So I thought I would just do a quick post about my Iced Tea and Coffee on the machine.

Keurig recently started making KCups for Iced Tea and Iced Coffee, which sounded like an awesome idea.  But you can use ANY of the KCups and not just the special ones.  In fact, the most fabulous Iced Tea is made using the English Black Breakfast Tea.  We're big sun tea drinkers, and both my mom and I agree that this is some of the best iced tea ever.  Plus you can get a huge box of that KCup from Costco - shipped to your door free no less.  Bonus!

For iced coffee, I've tried a bunch of different flavors.  One of my favorites is the Green Mountain french vanilla.  (although not as good as my last post's recipe)

Fill a LARGE cup to the top with ice.  I'm talking at least a 20oz size, or else you may have an overflow.  Then run a large into the ice cup and stir well.  A good amount of the ice will melt with some remaining.  Ready to drink right away!

If I have the machine on in the morning and know I'll want something in the afternoon, sometimes I'll run my tea or coffee into a cup without the ice and just put it into the fridge.  Then it's a bit stronger when you drink it later since you won't have as much melting ice.  I like my coffee and tea fairly strong, and the strength is just fine for me either way.

Oh, and my most favorite creamer is Coffee Mate's Italian Sweet Cream.  I don't use any sugar, and this has just the right amount of sweetness.  I can find the large size containers at Target - I need it since those 63 servings only last me a little more than a week :)  I like my creamer.

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