Monday, August 22, 2011


My camera went missing sometime Wednesday after I took pictures of the cute Gratitude Wrap I made my friend for her birthday.  I have just about tore the whole house up looking for it.  I fear that it somehow ended up in the garbage - Thursday morning is garbage day.  Ugh!  It had a super nice SDcard in it for movies, too.

I fished the older camera out of one of the boys' rooms and am grudgingly using it now.  I'm refusing one of the many SLRs Mark has gathered up in his hobby.

comfort August

It's my month again in do. Good Stitches and asked for blue/green greek crosses.  They were fun to make!

do good crosses

And I have most of them in already.  What a great quilt our group is making - I love all the different fabrics.

red blue cross start

I just had to start one myself - so there is a stack of red/blue crosses waiting to be joined together.

sashing experiment....

And on the cutting table I have some strips cut for a cornerstone/sashing experiment.   I always have trouble with them being nice and straight from end to end - so I thought why not piece a big stack and cut the whole row at once.  We'll see if the accuracy is better or worse!



Impera Magna said...

Lovely blocks... the quilt is going to be beautiful!

Vicki said...

cute quilt!
3 boys are a hoot! I speak from experience.

CitricSugar said...

Sorry about your camera ... Maybe it'll turn up.

Those crosses are interesting - neat block. Love how it's coming together.

randi--i have to say said...

oh, i do hope you can find your camera!

lovely quilts!

erica said...

I hope your camera surfaces...what a bummer! Your quilt is amazing, love the colors and the pattern!

Kris said...

Hope your camera turns up! I'm intrigued by your sashing experiment... are you strip piecing and then cutting the rows?