Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Small project #3

I found this tutorial at Pink Chalk Studio - she made it after having to carry everybody's water bottles on the 4th of July. I can totally relate to that! I can not tell you how much I love the one I just made.

I like the look of her pieced outside fabric, so I went with that, too. This is the same pair of fabrics used on Becket's shorts. It was super fun doing the improvised quilted waves through the fish!

She suggested twill tape for the strap - but after 2 tries at different stores, I couldn't find a good length of wide tape. In both places, they were down to the last yard! With Becket along, he wanted this sea turtle belting - since I'm hoping he will carry this one, I thought it fit in just right.

I attached the strap before joining the sides. I'm sure that made it much easier. For his little body, I ended up using a 30" length for the strap.

I was pleasantly surprised when I slung it over my shoulder and it hung quite nicely. A good thing, as he'll probably want to ditch his water from time to time.

The pattern suggests a french seam. That was a wonderful idea, and should avoid a bunch of stringy bits from sticking to your cold water!

My water bottle holder went together so quickly, and turned out perfectly. I think it would be a great party favor - you could change up the fabrics for any age/gender/occasion. I'm going to enlist the older boys to choose their own fabric combos in the hopes they will actually carry them (we're getting to the point where some things that I think are great are sooooo not cool).


danielle said...

thats great, and the fabric is much too cute!

Peggy said...

I have made about 10 of these for my friends and sisters. I make my hanger out of webbing and put a buckle on it so that it is adjustable for anyone who uses it. We take then when travelling. They have been to Italy and Spain and I wouldn't be without mine. My blog is