Monday, June 01, 2009

Small project copycat

I've been having a grand time cranking out bento box squares, but other lists keep going through my head.

Crazy Mom Quilts did a fun small-projects-week in April to tackle those items that are on the list but never get to the top. I really liked the idea and thought it could be a great motivator for me to blast through a few small things that always seem to get pushed to the side.

I had the perfect fabric, so Becket's new shorts got crossed off the list today. We call these 'lounging pants' - for generally being comfortable and hanging out around the house and after the pool. I based them on these Bandana pants tutorial.

That's a really great tutorial and I've used it several times in the past with both bandannas and yardage. The big benefit of bandannas is no hemming or need to turn under the raw edge at the top casing.

For this 3-4yr old size, I cut two pieces 18" (waist) x 20" and for fun used a wave print and a fish print instead of all one pattern. You just need to make the waist edge bigger and the length a tad longer for a 10yr old size.

These two prints are so cute together, you'll be seeing them again later this week!


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

he looks like he is a fan... if only i had kids to make cute things for...

Anne said...

those are super cute..finally a cute boy project!

Mushyhed said...

Cute! oh yeah, and the shorts are cute too :)

Amanda Jean said...

hurray for a small projects week! it's kind of fun to see your list dwindle a bit, isn't it?

i love how you made those shorts. they are so handsome!