Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Small Project #2

but first..... Run! Enter for a chance at 30 Katie Jump Rope Fat Quarters!

They are on The Fabric Shopper, offered by Marianne of Pickled Pear Lane. For myself, I've bought fabric from her before and had a wonderful experience. I would certainly recommend her! So go, enter, and then visit her etsy shop...I'll wait.

Now that you're back, I finished this cute mushroom needle case that has been on my list for some time. The pattern is from the spring issue of Quilts and More.

I used wool felt - if you haven't worked with wool felt before, you should really try it. I learned that I am crazy-slow at blanket stitch.

I especially liked how there is room for my scissors and some floss or thread. I'll be all set for sitting at the boys' summer games.

I used this Sewline fabric glue pen for the first time, and it was amazing! Just as good as the pencil I talked about a couple of weeks ago. I have sewn small felt things on softies in the past, like eyes, and it is so hard to pin them and keep them from shifting before you're done. With one little swipe, this glue stick held each mushroom dot perfectly! Have you ever tried to glue felt before?! It never sticks! I plan on giving this a try on my quilts the next time I need to pin something small, or applique in any size.


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i'm the queen of blanket stitch... do it enough and you'll rock at it and it'll go very fast... your mushroom is very cute! thanks for the tip on the giveaway!

Mushyhed said...

i'm not very good at the blanket stitch either. love your mushroom. so cute!

One Flew Over said...

Cute mushroom! I have already entered the 30 fq giveaway...oh if only...I would be one happy lady!!