Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Modern 4x5 Quilt Bee : Q3

I was lucky to get in on the awesome new 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee 

Sometimes I feel like I need another swap or quilt along like I need more fabric :)  Good thing I didn't dawdle too long deciding to do this one, as it filled up fast with quite a waiting list!

I'm in a group with five other fabulous quilters....we each make the five others a block of our choosing, with a modern flair, in the colors of their choosing.

I am having fun making mini fabric galleries with twenty 1" pieced squares framed by a large outside print. A couple are done.

Hive 8 Q3 - for locodowo

Lauree asked for blues, oranges, greys, and natural linen.  Had to add that little spotty hedgehog!  I usually press all my seams open, but alternating left/right for the tiny squares is really helping the corners meet just right.

Hive 8 Q3 - for fallingforpieces

Jill wanted robin egg blue, apple green, with touches of red and white. The colors in that photo are a tad off - too yellow.  But I could not get the camera and photoshop to work together today.  These are my favorite colors, so I had a hard time trying to pick just one block's worth of scraps for Jill's!

Off to find more treasures in my scrap bins for the others.  What a fun hunt!


Jenniffier said...

Oh how lovely. I am not in your hive, but would love to be :)

Katie B said...

Tease! I'm eagerly waiting to see my block.

Sarah Craig said...

Those are very cool blocks!! So creative!!

Anonymous said...

Love them!

Hobson School said...

I'm in love with the spotty hedgehog!