Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What books do you buy?

And patterns for that matter?

Being fairly crafty, as well as a math-loving engineer, there aren't many patterns I NEED to buy.  I can figure out just about anything with a bit of time and a pencil.

But I still buy books and patterns.  Not all, but some.  And for various reasons.

I'm interested in exploring my and your book/pattern buying reasons.  Just one of those random things I wonder about sometimes!

Right now I have a book that just arrived.  You've certainly seen it on the blog tour over the last couple of weeks.

block party

It was the review on Kathy's blog that sent me clicking my shopping cart at Amazon.  She said that "It’s an excellent method to teach modern quilting techniques. Each month features a description of the bee member’s selected block, construction tips and design considerations. The result is the block being interpreted 12 different ways by each member in the group. The reader can see each unique take and how choices in color, layout, and fabric make the block different."

Just 15 pages into the book has sent me running to tell you all about it, too!

In talking about her bee month, Alissa gives the kind of information that everybody who is new or not so new to bees always wants to know:

Alissa asked each bee member to make 2 blocks between 14" x 14" and 17" x 17".  Alissa planned to later frame the blocks to make them 19" x 19" when finished.  She cut 8 yards of different solid and print fabrics into 6" x 22" strips and also added some scraps of coordinating fabrics from her stash.  She sent a varied selection of 10 fabric strips to each member.  This was more than enough fabric for the bee members to make 2 blocks each.

Right!?  Exactly the kind of stuff you want to know.  And it looks like there are 12 fabulous creative quilts, each with this info.   But I'm only on page 15 and couldn't wait to share.

Are you interested in talking about what motivates us to buy a book or pattern?



Megan said...

I'm in the same boat with you - if it's something that looks a bit too intimidating for the pencil, graph paper, and chicken scratch method, I'll spring for the book. Also, if I want to make at least 4 patterns in a book, I'll add it to my wishlist. It's usually too much trouble to hold that many quilts in my mind long enough to draft them on graph paper and THEN keep up with my doodles long enough to actually make the quilt.

Stephanie said...

I haven't bought as many books since learning a bit more about quilting. I do often use the internet through blogs and flickr for inspiration so that also keeps my book buying pretty low. But with all that said... I must have this book, hahahaha. Amazon here I come :)

leigh said...

I have never bought a pattern. I always want to change something about it anyway. I have bought a few books. Usually ones where I like almost all the patterns. I'm like you with a math brain. I'm also cheap. Thus - I usually figure out my own thing. That being said, I'd love to get this book! There are so many great quilts in it! Yes, I'm sure I could figure them all out, but if I want to make every single one - maybe just easier to buy it!

Leslie said...

i buy crafty and quilt books because sometimes the projects are so enticing...even if i never make them...i still love looking at them and maybe using some of what i see as inspiration for something else.

Anonymous said...

I hardly buy the books, preferring to borrow from my library instead. If it is something worthwhile, then I will buy.

Rene' said...

It sounds like a cliche, but I like to buy books for the pictures ;-) As others have mentioned, usually I can figure out how to make a pattern myself, but I like the inspiration the beautiful images displayed in some books. Another reason I would buy a book is if I know one of the quiltmakers ;-)