Thursday, April 30, 2020

Clean Your Machine!

Lots of people are doing lots of sewing - making masks or other fun stuff during our home stay.


Before Mara came, I had a grand time as a trained Bernina service tech.  I had machines come in that had so much lint that it was like a piece of felt inside!

When your machine is clean, it makes a big difference in how smoothly your machine runs.  Also, if you have skipped stitches or your bobbin is jumping around, sometimes it is because the bobbin area is jammed full of lint.

Things don't look too messy right here.  But I know things are lurking inside....

Take the foot off - gets it out of the way.  You might take your needle out, too.  Then you won't stab yourself and it probably needs to be replaced.  Unscrew whatever big screws you see in your needle plate.

Carefully remove your bobbin case.  It's just sitting in there.

Fuzz everywhere!  I actually cleaned my machine about a week ago, and I use a really high quality, low lint thread.  It's surprising how all that lint builds up.

Grab some q-tips and carefully swipe them all around.  The lint sticks to them really well!

Things are so much nicer!

Now you carefully put your bobbin case back in.  There is probably a little arrow on the machine that lines up with the case like I have here.  But it won't fit in backwards, and sit nice and flat.

Turn the hand wheel a few times toward you to see it all move smoothly before you put the plate back on.
before clean, but good shot of the arrows...

Get everything put back together, thread it up, and take a run of test stitches.  You're ready to sew!

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