Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Covid Covers

Well, we have found ourselves living in a teen dystopian sci-fi novel.

The lipstick and orthodontist lobby has lost out to the eyebrow and optometrist factions.  Masks are the newest requirement.

small child size

I tried sewing and wearing at least seven different patterns, between the pleated and clamshell types.  The one I've settled on for now is the most comfortable and stable to wear for a significant amount of time.

I'm going to start taking orders, so here we go with all kinds of random info...

The goal is to have a mask that you don't feel the need to touch while you're wearing it.  You're protecting others by wearing a mask, and you also want to protect yourself by NOT covering your face and mask with germs every time you adjust it.

CDC info about face mask wearing....

medium - worn with ties

This is the one I make.  It is a super awesome pattern by CraftPassion, with excellent instructions.  In her video, she starts with a little clip of how to put it on with the laces.  Makes it super comfortable to wear!

When you use the shoe lace to tie, double knot at the back.  Mine came loose after wearing out shopping for a couple hours.  It’s very comfortable with the tie, but a little more hot.  If you are good with a looser fit, wearing with the ear loops is very comfortable.  They also work for short runs out if you don't want the ties around your hair.  But then you’ll need to use a safety pin to thread the laces back through next time you want them.  

medium - worn with elastics

There is a space to add a wire for your nose, if you like.  You can use a pipe cleaner or even a grocery twist tie.  Most people seem to prefer to wear it without any kind of wire - I don't use one.  The pocket will be there, but you'll probably leave it empty.    

On the topic of fogging glasses - ugh.  Wear contacts!?!  I asked a good doctor friend of mine what her best tips were to get rid of fogging with masks - her reply was to let her know if I find any.  LOL  Three things I found that help-ish: the top edge should sit as high on the bridge of your nose as possible, place your glasses ON the mask fabric, and use the laces to tie firmly, not the ear elastic.  

I am super thankful I found a good solution for myself over the past year, wearing only one contact for distance and using the other eye for reading.  That way I don't need to touch my face all day flipping reading or distance glasses up and down. And no fogging.

There is a pocket for you to add a filter insert if you wish.  

The fabric was all washed before I started.  You can put them through the hot wash and dryer.  I've washed mine by hand and also in the machine inside a delicates bag so they don't get lost.  They will need a quick iron after the dry if you want them nice and smooth again, since they are 100% cotton.  I hate ironing laundry, but these are small!

These take me a solid hour worth of work to make and I sew in batches....for optimal process flow - the only way I work.  Ha!  The kids still think they need to be fed and tended to.  Lead time is about 3 days right now.

I have a good amount of fabric.  ahem.  You can pick something I already have listed, or we can work on a custom choice.  


$20 for listed masks  : Covid Cover Listings click here
[4 for $70]

Three sizes: small child (3 - 9), medium (women and teens) , large (most men)

If you already know me, send an email with your order or questions.  Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment - I have moderation turned on and I will get your message.

I can take paypal.

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