Monday, April 27, 2020

Washing Masks

The CDC says we need to wash our masks each time we wear them.

When it's time to wash your masks - what to do?!

All the masks I make are 100% cotton that I have pre-washed in hot.

After I'm done running around and ready to take off my mask, I carefully remove it and place in a fabric bag for washing.  Lace used to tie, included.  (If you've used a wire for your nose, don't put that through the washing machine. It might rust or poke holes in stuff.)

Then I just toss the bag, with the mask inside, into the washing machine with a load of towels.  I wash those all in hot.

If I don't have a load ready and I want to wash a mask, hot water and some tide or dawn dish soap in a big bowl works just as well.  I scrub it and let it soak for a bit before rinsing well.

When the wash cycle is done, you can either let your mask air dry or shift it into the dryer with the rest of the load.  As a test, I pulled one mask from my bag to let air dry overnight.  The others went through the dryer cycle.

The next morning, my airdry mask was pretty well dry, and looking nice.  I dumped the bag of dryer-cycle masks out next to it.

Bwahaha.  Poor little crumpled masks.  But not to worry!

I'm not one to iron anything other than my in-process fabric.  But a quick press of the masks made them ready to wear again.  Hurray.

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