Thursday, June 04, 2009


School's out. I fear for my blog and crafting sanity. Perhaps I can convince them to start quilting.....

Caleb did make a really cool fish in his home ec class this year with wool felt. It's funny, at school these days, they are into self-evaluation in everything. In his comments on the fish, Caleb said he was really slow at the blanket stitch - just like me!

Regarding my quilting - you'll see to the right that I've added a Halloween swap button. I'm so excited, but also kind of freaked out that I've joined my first swap. What if they don't like me?! I decided to do 'candy corn' as my theme. I had remembered Amanda Jean's quilt, and found some other wonderful inspiration on flicker.

I have my fourth small project sewn, but it needs a filler - so hopefully I can make it to the grocery store today. (With three boys in tow, I may rather jab my eyes with knitting needles!)


Kris said...

Those boys look like a ton of fun and perhaps a bit of trouble... :)

I'm glad you joined the Halloween swap, too! Perhaps we'll be in the same group. The candy corn stripes that you saw online are great! I decided to go with witches after I found an awesome paper pieced pattern.

Dresden Quilter said...

I am doing it too. I am doing a starry web. It is not something I have tried before. Yours will be wonderful. You do make beautiful quilts.

Mushyhed said...

1. that picture of your boys is great! they're all so handsome!
2. caleb's fish=cute. funny he struggled w/the blanket stitch like his mama.
3. they're going to LOVE you at the swap. i'm sad we're not in the same group.
4. have fun w/ your boys

One Flew Over said...

Good luck with the school holidays!!! Looking forward to seeing your candy corn creation!