Friday, June 05, 2009

Small project #5

My final small-ish project. I loved being able to check off all these little things this week!
It is a beautiful day today, and as soon as I can get the boys packed up, we're off to the zoo! So I'll get that binding sewn down later.

I've wanted to make a table topper for a while, and LOVED the one that Cluck Cluck Sew put up this week. I have also been looking to do a red and blue quilt, as well as something with triangles....this was the perfect place to try it all out. This little quilt is 14" x 16.5"
Love those lemons!

I changed up my normal stipple quilting with some straight lines. I really like how it shows off the triangles, and it was fun to finally give the walking foot a try!

My mantra after this quilt, though, is SQUARE IT UP! I was a bit lazy, since this was so small, and didn't square my blocks. I was surprised at how quickly those little differences added up across the short rows.


Katy said...

Beautiful little quilt! And I love the little gnomes in there! You may just be inspiring me a bit :o)

Liz Jimenez said...

Looks great! I love those gnomes, I love the colors, and the lemon on the back is so luscious I'm practically puckering. :-)

I know what you mean about squaring things up. I'm not as vigilant about that as I should be. But it still looks great! You have to look really closely to see the "mistakes," which I think is the mark of a job well done.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

beautiful day... i wish... all rain here... but it means i'm getting a lot done inside! i love the little triangles... too cute!

One Flew Over said...

I love the lemons!!!

danielle said...

gorgeous!! but i am far too jeolous at seeing your little gnomes in there! i think i got the sewing bug too late, and all the gnome fabric was sold before i got hooked! but thanks for sharing- i will look at those little gnomes on your tabletop quilt instead ; )

jess said...

I love it!

Mark said...

Beautiful! I love the little Gnomes too.